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Our in-house chefs prepare made-from-scratch artisan baked goods, batter & kitchen products daily using only premium ingredients.

We grow organically all year long.

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We ensure the livelihood of smallholder farmers, tribes & women's groups and stand for their empowerment. When you buy products from Lumiere Organics, you support them as they work to improve their lives and their communities.

We Care

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NewYork to Kochi

in 2002

Lumiere's Founder Manjunath continues his tireless travels across India curating the finest produce from genuine 100% organic sources with a special commitment to supporting smallholder farmers, tribes & women's groups.

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Manjunath PR

Founder & CEO - Lumiere Organics

Here's my number: +91-9035019801

You can reach out to me with any questions you have to know more about Lumiere Organics.


National Institite of Design, AMD

Vishnu Manjunath

Head of Operations - Lumiere Organics

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Award Winner

OHS Canada Safety Award Nominee

Co-owner - Lumiere Organics

Parvathy Manjunath

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1 Sumi.jpg

Sumi Gopalakrishnan

Carnatic Artist / Homemaker

Customer for over 10+ years

Lumiere legitimately has fresh and genuine organic products. The difference in taste is noticeable, especially fruits & vegetables. Spices & masalas are rich, great in flavour, helps me in getting the best out of my cooking. Their Idly-Dosa batter is my recent daily – equally as good as my mother makes.

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Nagaraja Prakasam

Mentor-IIM /Angel Investor/Advisor

Customer for over 12+ years

Passion in Manjunath executing seed-to-table organic, every aspect of farm, store and restaurant is un-parallel.

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Prince Antony

Director Epsilon

Customer for 10+ years

I started loving the story of organic farming and the ‘seed to table’ concept that was so inspiring and we became regular customers of Lumiere Organic. They not only sell organic products but also the experience of organic farming, I think that’s what makes Lumiere so special to me and my family.

4 Suni Mekad.jpg

Sunil Mekad

Software Engineer

Customer for 10+ years

The quality and freshness of Lumiere’s organic produce brings out the best in our homemade cuisines. After shifting to all organic diet, I could see a marked difference in my son’s allergic bronchitis, a condition he was suffering since long